Greeted check-in is offered by appointment only and is available until 6pm. If unsure of arrival time, we are happy to arrange for a self check-in. Please call or email to notify us of your preferred check-in arrangement.

Rooms are ready by 3pm but a bag drop prior is always welcome.

Check-out is 11am.

Please ask us about storing your belongings if you are departing on an evening flight.

Booking, Payments & Cancellations -

Rooms are held with a one night non-refundable deposit and the full balance is due upon arrival. We take reservations online, by phone or email with a Visa, Master Card or Discover. Please inform us at time of reservation if you will be using a gift certificate. Gift certificates will not be accepted once your credit card has been processed. If you are unable to make your trip and notify us at least 7 days prior to arrival, we will offer you credit towards a future visit, minus a $30 cancellation fee.

We are the sole owners of the information collected on this site. We only collect information that you voluntarily provide to us via email, online or from direct contact with you. We will not sell or rent this information to anyone.

House Rules -

No Shoe Policy. Please bring house slippers or socks if you are more comfortable. We do offer slippers for those who forget. With our well known wet weather, Seattleites are accustomed to taking off wet/dirty shoes at the door. It helps keep our home clean for all guests to enjoy. And you just might like the cozy and relaxed atmosphere it brings. Mahalo and Arigato.

Bathrooms. There are five shared bathrooms in the home. Feel free to use any bathroom that is open. Please do not leave personal hygiene items in the bathroom shower stalls or counters. You are welcome to use the drawers and cabinets for personal items. Unfortunately we all shed, so please wipe up your hair from vanity and floor when done using bathroom.

Lost keys. $25 dollar replacement fee.

Parking. Our parking lot is on first come first serve basis and is for paying, registered guests only. If you have visitors they must park on the street.

Damages. You are expected to leave your room in as good a condition as it was given to you. Any damage caused by you to our home inside or outside of your room such as carpet stains, soiled furnishings, broken windows or appliances will be replaced or cleaned and billed to you.

Repairs. We reserve the right to inspect your room with 24 hour advance notice. We reserve the right to enter it at anytime to make repairs in the event of an emergency.

No Smoking, candles or incense allowed on the property. You will be asked to vacate the property if these rules are not followed.

Children. Let me preface this policy by admitting that we are the proud parents of small children. Infants and toddlers outside of their normal routines at home can be surprisingly restless and disrupt the Bed & Breakfast experience expected by most guests. Because the guest house is a house and not built with sound proofing like hotel rooms, sound does travel. We want everyone to enjoy their experience without those awkward moments at breakfast after a sleepless night for the entire house. Please use your best judgment with your child and their abilities. We are happy to assist you with selecting the best room options for children. Our laundry facility is offered to clean any soiled bedding or for an additional service charge of $20 we will provide this service for you.

Pet Policy. We offer accommodations for guests traveling with dogs, 20 lbs. or less, on the lower level of the House. At no time do we allow pets to be left in the room while you are away from the house. They are welcome to accompany you anywhere in our home. Just as we would charge any additional guests, there is a $10 per night charge. We provide pet beds or pet blankets so your four legged pal may join you on your bed. Guest assumes all responsibility for damages and or additional cleaning necessary. Please call directly for pet reservations; we limit reservations to one pet at a time in the house. Unfortunately we can not accommodate cats due the common allergy of many guests.

Housekeeping. Our housekeepers clean all of the common areas daily. If you are a long term guest on a monthly rate, you are responsible for cleaning your own room including linens and towels furnished to you. You will find cleaning supplies in the kitchen closet and the laundry room.

Policies for Monthly Rate Guests of The Capitol Hill Guest House -

Long term guests (30 days or more) are charged a $200 deposit at the time of reservation and the deposit is retained as a damage deposit while a guest in the home. Long term guests will be refunded their deposit as long as the room is left in good condition, check-out cleaning has been performed and the keys have been returned. Deposits are not refunded for cancellation of long term rooms.

Advance payment is due for monthly rate guests at check-in and due again every 30 days following the initial check-in date. A late payment fee of $50 is assessed for payments not made on or before due date. Non payment of monthly rent within 5 days will result in removal of belongings from the guest house.

Monthly rates are available during the off-season and rooms are priced at 50-75% off of the regular nightly rate. Refunds are not given for early departures under any circumstances.

Damages. You are expected to leave your room in as good a condition as it was given to you. Any damage caused by you to our home inside or outside of your room such as carpet stains, soiled furnishings, broken windows or appliances will result in the forfeiture if the entire damage/cleaning/security deposit.